Europe the band on the car!

Photo Lillemor

a New Fuel Funnycar and a new paint job!

Photo: Michael Berggren

A new sponsor and a new paint job!

Photo: Tomas Ejdersund

Team Starkotter at Mantorp, Sweden, on a very hot day!

Photo: Tomas Ejdersund

A Funny Car at the side walk in the little village of Älmhult, Sweden under a festival.

Photo: Jörgen Lundgren

This is the 1998 model of Starkotter Racecar, painted to look like the new SAAB 9-5

Motor Show in Sundsvall

This photo is taken at Motor Show -97 in Sundsvall. The Starkotter Viking painted on the car.
Motor Show in Sundsvall
This photo is also taken at Motor Show -97 in Sundsvall. Leif Helande r on the right and Johnny Helander on the left.
At display at Cramo in Sundsvall. Good weather, many people passing by and talking to me and lots of free hamburgers. Goood!!!
Just before take off to Santa Pod, UK for European Championship Final.

1994-1995 the car looked like this.
Photographer: < a href="http://www.motorphoto.com" target="_blank">Anders Mahlstedt, Motorphoto
Take a look at the front wheel lift at this amazing photo!
Photographer: Anders Mahlstedt, Motorphoto

This car is built in USA for Leif Helander with a new engine with 2200 hp. (The picture is taken in England, at Santa Pod.) During the USA tour in 1993 Dal Denton was Crew Chief

This pictute is taken in USA.
1992 was the last year Leif drove this car.

Bunny and Starkotter, Maple Grove Raceway, PA, USA. Leif Helander racing against Bunny Burkett.

Leif took the leed but at 300 meter the supercharger drivebelt broked and Bunny won.

This picture was taken when Team Starkotter Racing were in USA 1989.

Between 1988 - 1992 the car looked like this, but with different engi nes (with a variety between 1500 - 1900 hp) During the USA tour 1989 Carl Ruth was Crew Chief

SAAB Funny Car. This picture is from Mantorp, Sweden in summer 1987.

When Team Starkotter were on tour in Europe in summer of 1984 they droped in at SAAB France.

The same car as above, but with a different paint. And You see more of the engine in this photo.

The photo is taken in Gärdehallen, Sundsvall, Sweden.

One more photo of the car, taken infront of the Starkotter grave.

The grave can be seen close to the Highway E14 at Matfors, Sundsvall, Sweden.

In 1981 the car got a new paint and a Chrysler Hemi engine.

This is Leif's first Funny Car. The body is a Monza.
Leif competed with this car in -79 and -80.

Austin Bantam, CA Alter ed.
The photo is taken in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

1 976
This is the first real race car Leif Helander competed with. The car was a T-23. CA Altered.

This is a car Leif Helander has customised. The car is a -55 Chevy Cab, heavily customised with Chevy -56 front, Chevy -58 rear. 327 Corvette engine, dual 4-barrel carburators, Borgwarner T10 four speed.

Leif bought the car 1965 and displayed the car at Hot Rod Show in 1967 (it was yet unfinished at that time). The next year (1968) the car was finished. 1970, when this picture was taken, Leif won a lot of prices with the Golden Illusion (Best interiar, Best paint, Best custom car at Hot Rod Show).

This is a transport vehicle Team Starkotter used before the tractor trailer they use today. This vehicle was bought in 1986.
The transportation vehicle is a scania tractor trailer. The 12.5 meter trailer is equipped for accomodation with kitchen and tele communications, electricity, water, compressed air and cargo space.
A photo of the tractor trailer in the harbor of Sundsvall.

Photo: Gunnar Almhberg

A photo of the tractor trailer in Bergsjo, Sweden May 7 1997.
A photo taken in Timra, Sweden when Leif with help from some of the team members made a big show for the audiense. A lot of smoke and a lot of noise. *smile*
Leif has been working hard on the trailer so everyone can see what's inside it. It's really a piece of art.
This is some of Leif Helanders trophies.