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Season 2014

Invitation to Leif Helander 70 Year Party!

At Hotel Sodra Berget Sundsvall.

You will have an unforgettable evening with a stars performing on stage, dining a Norrland style buffet incl. a glass of any beverage of your choice with your meal at a cost of SEK 500 per person.
Sign up for the party on the Facebook announcement page or send an e-mail to ramona@blackwolfentertainment.se. Provide information on how many that will be coming, name and address where the invoice should be sent, and information if you have any food allergies. Payment must be received by us no later than February 15. After that day, your registration is also binding.
Don't bring birthday gifts, Leif's desire is that you come to the party.
For reservation of accommodation in Sundsvall you may contact the hotel being site of the party directly by phone +46 60-67 10 00 or e-mail: reception@sodraberget.com
(accommodation not included in the price of the party).
Booking of the Hotel direct to the Hotel. Singel room: 840Sec, twin: 1080Sec per night include breakfast. Code: "Starkotter".
To guarantee a place to the Party sign up immediately.

Season 2013

European Funny Car Series!

PatchEuropean Funny Car Series Round 1.
PatchEuropean Funny Car Series Round 2.
PatchEuropean Funny Car Series Round 3.
PatchEuropean Funny Car Series Round 4.

Happy New Year!!

Festival of Power Santa Pod!

Vednesday 20 March 2013
I'm sorry but I have to cancel the compete because I'm in bed in Pneumonia and my doctor forbid me do go, so I have to stay home this time.
The bad ting is tha I have most of the expenses paid like flight for the crew but the health is more important.

Main Event Santa Pod

Saturday 25 May 2013
First qualifi run I made a burn out but after that I'm misunderstanding my crew and I shut off the engine but nothing was wrong.
We have 2 more chances tomorrow but we have to make both for the money.
Sunday 26 May 2013
First run today it feel okay at the run but my helmet or my head move so I have problem with the view. .99 60ft 5,71/218 and the belt break at 1000 ft
Next run we have to made a better run to make sure that we race tomorrow.
.99 60ft but still problem with the helmet so I have to lift. 5.90/213,81 we was on the bump, and we made it tomorrow is another day.
Back in pit we find that one main cap in 2 pieces so we have to made a new motor for tomorrow.
When we put the crank in the block it turn alittle heavy so I have to buy a new from Spuffard and that was a long night but we made it.
Monday 27 May 2013
First run against Gordon Smith .99 60ft 5,55/275,35 and I newer see him. The cat was okay again only the belt was gone at the finish lane.
Back in pit everything okay and we is ready for the final.
The final me .99 60ft 5,49/278,1 Spuff 5,46 but I have a better light so I win.
Tha was revenge from the final last year when I'm sscrape the wall.

NHK Festival Sundsvall Raceway!

Sunday 21 July
We have put a new camshaft in the car and wait on a new blower to Hockenheim but we want to test the car with the new camshaft first.
The test was not so good I went up in smoke but I hope the crowd was happy.

NitrOlympix Hockenheim Ring!

Friday 9 Aug 2013
First run outh against Jason I'm only go 1/8 mi to test with the new blower.
Saturday 10 Aug 2013
The last and only run today is on the night show.
Sorry but that was not dark when we run but at least some flames from the car.
60.000 at the stands and I run against Kevin I feel something at the run so I lifted and run 5,97/282,3 km/t and was nr 1 qualify.
Back in pit everything okay and we ready for tomorrow.
Sunday 11 Aug 2013
First ru against Jason 1,000 60ft and up in smoke at half track but Jason have more problem so I went tru.
PatchSemi Run
Back in pit we have less than one hour to the final so the crew have to do the impossible, it was close but we made it.
The final against Gordon I made the burn out and reverse and roling to Bodie and have to wait more tha 30 sec on him before I can stage.
PatchFinal Run
1,01 60ft but up in smoke and run 6,03/362,16 km/t, Gordon have a lot of problem so I win again 2 in a row.
The price ceremony at Hockenheim is unbelievable a big thanks.
I'm drive the truck direkt to Santa Pod from here and we have to fly there a little early than we have booking.
The right headers give up in the final run but Gordon have a right headers who look like mine.

FIA European Final Santa Pod!

Friday 6 Sep 2013
First run out no 60 ft time but I hit the wall bad on the right side with the new headers I buy from Jason, the time 5,63/205,17 mph
PatchIn the wall
When we take the engine in part the nr 2 man was gone so we have to put a new motor together for tomorrow, late night again.
Saturday 7 Sep 2013
New day new engine new fuel pump. It seem that the fuel pump was bad that for we hurt the crank.
I made the first pas but only 300ft for to see how the car respond.
7,12/122,54 mph and we only have to put in 2 new piston.
Second run I'm go 1000 ft ,99 60ft 5,48/213 mph with the chute out over the finish line.
Everything okay for the final day.
Monday 8 Aug 2013
Final day and I have Jason in the first run I run only 1,03 60ft and 5,47/278,71 mph and I newer see him so I'm tru to the final run.
Final against Gordon again 1,00 60ft 5,39/285,13 mph and I vas never threaten, 3 in a row yeaaa!!!!
Many thanks to Bodie and my crew who made this possible for me.
The headers I hit the wall with get a new life at SuZe Scööbz Morris home.