Season 2004!

Photo Sharkmaaaannnnn........
Sunday 21 Nov 2004
Bilsportmassan in Stockholm have more than 19000 spectator on 3 days.
We Starkotter Racing have a exibition case were we display the Fuel Funny Car with sponsor's and also Sundsvall Raceway.

Lukas Oil Nationals

Wednesday 13 Okt 2004
Today I'm back from a wisit at Carl Ruth in Reading Pennsylvania where we looking at Lukas Oil Nationals on Maple Grove Raceway last weekend. It was a great race with incredible Et and MPH and congratulations to Team Schumacher who win the 3 classes they take part in. I'm meet a lots of racing frends and make same useful contacts for the future.

Europe Release Party

Thursday 16 Sep 2004
We display the car at the release party with Europe in Alvik Stockholm when they playing in front of invited quests and press some of the new song's from the new album "Start From The Dark" which you can buy from Sep 22. More info at Europe The Band

Euro Final Santa Pod 9-12 Sep

Friday 10 Sep 2004
We made the car ready fot the first qualify pas and everything seems ok in the worm up. That was a long waiting in the line up and when we starting the motor it not sound good and was hard started. In the burn out and the run 2 pipe only produce raw fuel, but I try to go half track anyway. Back in pits we find that the clutch have burn down. So we prepare for tomorrow.
Saturday 22

Time for next try, we have put a lot more weight on the clutch and take away same fuel on the motor. Now it be a great burn out but I don't get the rpm down after the burn out and the car struggle so I go on the side of the track and the motor stop and I jump out. Back in pits we could not find any who was wrong, so we are nr3 and have Spuffard tomorrow.

Sunday 12 Sep

We have made a new clutch pedal and reverse lever but leave the rest at it was. The car feel strong and soun good in the burn out, I get in to reverse and Johnny point me back but when I try to shift to forward I get caught in the middle and the discs start to spin and I try to stop them and go forward but I cant do anything than shut of and se Spuff blast away alone. The final against Spuffard and gordon go to Gordon with a 5.493/234.47
Congratulation To Gordon Smith and Team

Sundsvall Raceway 7-8 Aug

Saturday 7 Aug 2004
a Very hot day!!
We make a worm up and make the car ready for a run around 15.00.
15.00 I make a burn out and having problem to put in the reverse gear, I can do that and reversing but when I try to go forward again I can't shift gear. When I try to do that I hit the throttle to hard one time and I can hear that I break something in the reverse gear box so I kill the motor.
Back in pits we find that the planetary in the reverse is in pieces.
We try to find a reverse but don't find any who fit so we put the car together to only go forward and we need to push the car back tomorrow.
Sunday 8 Aug.

Another hot day
We make the car ready and make a worming up on Nitro and the clutch feel better today so I think this going to be a good one.
We lining up before the finals and make a short burn out and Micke start to pushing the car back, the car wheeling easy back behind the starting line.
Photo Berza
I go in to pre stage and open the fuel and in to stage, yellow and I hit the throttle and it feel ok but when the clutch hooking up I go sideways bad so I have to lift the foot and idling.
But I hope the crowd get a clue on what Fuel Funny Car racing is.

Kamasa Tools Mechanic Challenge 24 July Kungstradgarden

Congratulation Team Kagered on the first place in Kamasa Tools Mechanic Challenge. We ended up as they cal divided nr 3 but was more nr 4 after Team Fagerstrom.
Photo Anna Christell.....Team Starkotter in action!
After the prize ceremony we ended the day with a Nitro Worming Up.
Thanks to Kamasa Tools and Ted Kottulinsky for a incredible day and the party for al team.
For more info click here.

American Car Show Norrtalje Saturday 17 July

We made a Nitro fire up on that big American Car show in Norrtalje and I think we compete with the sun to worming up that big crowd who was there to watch al them beautiful cars.
Thanks to Yankee Ranch Norrtelje for a well-organized day.

Midnight Sun Int Piteň

Friday 9 July 2004
The clutch can is back from Andy robinson after the clutch meltdown at Main Event Santa pod.
We made the car ready and going out for a 60 foot test. Everything feel the same at Santa Pod, I having hard time with the clutch when I shifted gear. But I made the 60 foot and that feel good but was only 1.096 sec.
Back in pit Micke take of the can and find the clutch have start to go away.
No we have try so many time and the problem is still there, we have to made some major adjustment at the clutch.
Dal Denton told me that we need more spce between the trust bearing and the finger.
We asking Kenneth at the Lorentzon & Moller Top Fuler'n and he verified that theory and hi helping Micke with a lot more in the can.

Saturday 10

The motor was ok from yesterday so we worming up and make ready for today's run, and decide to run half track.
But when we worming up in the pit I forgot to testing the clutch pedal so I'm is really nervous when the guy's starting up the motor. But YUPPIE now I feel the clutch and can drive the car right for the first time, we have adjust wrong the whole time "Big Thanks to Kenneth Lorentzon.
I go for it for around 175 m and that give me 1.014 60 f /3.88 on 1/8 mile.
Back in the pit Micke can measure the clutch after the run for the first time.
The motor look even better than yesterday so we made ready for tomorrow.
PhotographerAnders Mahlstedt,Motorphoto
Sunday 11

We going out after the first pair in Top Fuel, but when we starting up oil leaking from the oil tank so I kill the motor immediately with the kill switch and the day was over.
I have a crack in the oil tank who need to be welded.
After we load up everything SHRA Lulea have a band playing and have a 30 anniversary supper at the track. Thanks SHRA Lulea.

Deep Forest Nats Sundsvall Raceway

Saturday 19 June 2004
Premiere for the Tribute to EUROPE body
Today we only starting up the motor on Nitro so the spectators get a clue what going to happen tomorrow.
Sunday 20 June 2004
We worming up the motor on methanol and adjusting the idling and clutch because I having problem yesterday to disengage the clutch.
After that we decide to run the car around 3 a clock. But short after the worm up the rain started and one a clock the race cancel and we start to loading the trailer.
And when that time we are finnish it's nice weather again and it feel like an insult against us.
Monday 21 June 2004
Sunny and worm!.

Santa Pod Main Event
Race Report

Friday 28 May 2004
we put the last parts on the car and put the head and blower on, now we are ready for qualification.
Sat 29 May.
Today first run in qualification, we only have 2 try one today and one tomorrow
We worming the motor and line up I'm out first on a single.
I start to try to make a burn out but nothing happen and I brake the throttle pedal.
I reverse and shut of, end of day one.
Sun 30 May.
Next try this time I can make a small burn out and I go for little less than 1/8 mile and everything seams ok and I'm little faster at the 60 foot than the Metanol car (That help).
Mon 31 May.
We are nr 2 qualify and have Gordon in first run and we don't no what happen when you go th whole 1/4 mile.
If I see Gordon moving away I'm only