Late season start but working on a new SAAB 9-3 2005 body.

SDC Finals Sundsvall Raceway.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Saturday 16 Jul 2005
Friday 19 Aug 2005
We have working real hard on the Race Car the last days and today Anders and Esbjorn arrive and we work to late night then we drive to the track.
Saturday 20 Aug 2005
On Saturday we working the whole day in the pits and was ready with the car 1900 and made a test pas 1930, but I think most of the crowd have already going home.
We run on 80% Nitro and no much timing and a light clutch.
The car went the whole 1/4 mile but only 6,32 and 350 km/t but back in pits you cauld not see on the motor that we have run it.
Sunday 21 Aug 2005
But on Sunday the sense went a way and I try on 90% Nitro and a lot more timing and more weight on the clutch.
And what happen? We blow the tires immediate when I hit the throttle, I try one more time but the same.
When I come to the 1/8 mile I try to speed up again and now the car moving and I cross the Finnish Line with 382 km/t anyway.
And now the season was over for this year. Now we go to the European Final at Santa Pod and helping Kjell Sjoblom.
Photo Sharkman.

FIA Finals Santa Pod 2006.

Friday 8 Sep 2006
First try today and the clutch canon was like it was in Germany so I get up in smoke immediately.
After that we change from water to oil in the canon and hope the car run good tomorrow
Saturday 9 Sep 2006
Now the car has to run good if we want any money. At least the clutch canon work properly but I hit tireshake at 300 ft and lifted and hit again but get sideway down the track.
When we take the engine a part I have black the crank when I lifted and hit again and we have to change the crank tonight.
Sunday 10 Sep 2006
We have wonder why we can not run on a good track and find out after talking to Alan Jackson that we have to short time on the timers for the canon, so I made a adjustment for today. We also add little more timing and Nitro and then it was time to see if it works.
And believe me it works the car run like hell .965 at 60 ft 2,46 at 330 ft 3,37 at 594 ft 3,57/229,5 mph at 1/8 th 4,47 at 990 ft Et= 5,35/243,2 mph and I Click of at 1200 ft.
I am sorry and regret that I don't went the whole way when I have the change to make a really good number both for my team and the crowd. But I'm at least get paid for one run. See you at the track next year.
Photo Ivan Sansom

Nitro Olym'X Hockenheim!

Saturday 26 Aug 2006
Rain most of the day but Rico want us out and make a burn out last of the night show, after the Methanol and Top Fuel Cars.Make as löng burn out that you can was Rico's word. So I made 1/8 th mile burn out in the dark.
And we have to make the car ready for tomorrow.
Sunday 27 Aug 2006
First try today was a disaster the clutch canon don't work right and the starter(or the computer)hold Spuf and me 15 sec in stage and the clutch burn so when I hit the throttle the tires went up in smoke immediately,
Back to pits and make ready for one more run.
Second run the clutch and the Christmas tree work ok. I leave with .991 at 60 ft but shake the tires at 300 ft and then up in smoke and break the blower belt. Back in pits we make the car ready for the FIA Final at Santa Pod.

SDC Finals 2006 Sundsvall Raceway.

Saturday 19 Aug 2006
First test run click of after 1000 ft, 1,08 at 60 ft 6,38/151 mph and everything looking grea.
Sunday 20 Aug 2006
We speed up the blower a little and try again .989 at 60 ft 3,66/224 mph 1/8th mile 5,49 235 mph Et.
Now the car start to move. And the best of al the engine looking like new.

Deep Forest Nat's!

Saturday 17 Jun 2006
We make the last work on the car in the pits and Kenneth Lorentzon helping to adjust the new timers we mounted in the clutch control system. Now we are ready to try the car after that fire in Easter.Clutch and everything seem to work ok, 1,032 at 60 ft Et 6,21/172,5 mph after an early click of
Back in pits we take everything in part's and its ok so we try a little harder tomorrow.
Sunday 18 Jun 2006
This time I run to the finish line and the tires make black marks the whole way 1,06 at 60 ft ET 5,86/242 mph and everything ok after the run.

Main Event Santa Pod!

Tuesday 23 May 2006
Too much work on the car after the fire so we cannot make the Main Event at Santa Pod. So we try to be ready for Sundsvall Raceway 17-18 Jun

Pro-Fuel Shootout Santa Pod!

Photo Ivan Sansom
Saturday 15 Apr 2006
First run out the car sound right at the worm up. The car leave nice and straight .991 at 60 ft but shake the tires after 330 ft so I click of and get 8,4/99,5 mph. Back in pits no damage so we do the car ready for tomorrow.
Sunday 16 Apr 2006
We try with little more Nitro and more timing today. The car leave with same 60 ft .991 and shake the tires little longer out 7,98/105,8 mph. Back in pits we make the car ready for tomorrow.
Monday 17 Apr 2006
We speed up the blower a little and leave the rest at the same.
Leave better .941 at 60 ft but shake again and this time I'm alsö smoke the tires 9.9/85,9 mph.
Back in pits I'm nr three, not for I doing good the other have doing worse and they want me to run about 3-4 place against Lex Joon.
We find the problem in the clutch it is the timers who don't work properly so Kenneth Lorentzon try to help but they don't respond so we try to bring them back to was they where.
And if you looking in the mirror I should not run because what happen was that the car get in fire after 1000 ft and I hit the wall twice before it stop. I have to see the doctor and the guy take the car back to pits.
When I going back from the doctor I can see for my self the car totally damaged, and it was a mess and look bad but when we have cleaned up a little we find the chassis and headers and wheel was ok but everything who burn on the car was destroyed.
I'm at least win the race on 3-4 place and was nr 3 with a .946 at 60 ft and 6,06/174,3 mph and I win al my race against Carter, Kagered, And Joon twice.
After we take everything in parts we find what cause the fire.
The clutch timers have stop and the canon was half way out and I burn the clutch then I get to little fuel when the motor rev up and I burn a piston and the fuel come down to the pan and fire and the pan blow up and the oil get in fire when it blow out.
Now we have to take the car home for repair instead of leave it to The Main Event.