Seson 2012

For this year we made a tribute to our local hereos Takida the band.
Patch: Takida on YouTube

Main Event Santa Pod

Tuesday 29 May 2012 Nisse and I start our trip to Santa Pod we have a ferry in Malmo tomorrow morning and one more in France.
Saturday 2 June 2012 First qualifi run at afternoon after a 1,04 60ft the car drifting to the right so I have to give up around 330ft I have at 1/4 mile 7,75/ 115,97 but nr one qualify.
Back in pits we find that we have a little black main on the crank.
That was not so bad we only have to clean it but we give up the next run.
But after the other car have run we was stil nr one qualifi.
Sunday 3 June 2012 Today our chans to qualify regn out today.
So we have the race tomorrow and we stil nr one and it only 3 car who have made the qualify.
So we have a solo run first tomorrow.
Monday 4 June 2012 First run solo at afternoon shut of at 1000ft 1,04 60Ft 5,91/209,93 back in pits everything okay and we have Jason in the final.
We are redy for the final going down and have to waiting we going to run last after the FIA finalist. But the clock start to get close to 21:00 so they shut us down they dont let us run it was to late they told us.

North Car Open House Sundsvall!

We display the car on open house at North Car in Sundsvall, and they have a photo studio so we get that beautiful picture.

Scandinavian Internationals Tierp Arena

We are here to make 2 display run one on Saturday and one at Sunday.
Saturday 25 Aug 2012 We is ready to run last tonight after display the car for Autoexperten.
We make everything ready and roling out to the line up, but wen the guy starting the car I see a fuel leak so I have to shut of.
Fortunately that was only a hose who not was tighten after we have put a new injector on, so that was fast to take care of and start again.
This time it was okay and we made the run. 1,02 60ft 3,75/160,5 mph but the belt cut of around 330ft.
The run patch:Run

European Final Santa Pod

Saturday 8 Sept 2012 First run out Right lane against Jason. It feel good but stil 1,01 60ft 5,52/265,25 mph. The blower belt cut of close to the finich line, but everything i okay and we make ready for the next one.
Qualify second we have Left lane Jason again.
We have put on little more blower and fuel and that give stil 1,01 60ft 5,47/280,68 mph.
Back in pits we find that nr 3 main was in 2 piece so we have to put a motor together.
I thougt I have everything to make a motor but I did not have any good crank to that block.
So I have to buy a crank from Showtime, they have a good one.
We have the car ready at 02:00 at night, get some sleep and we ready for eliminate tomorrow.
Sunday 9 Sept 2012 We have Jason in the first run and we take the Right lane, stil 1,01 60ft and 5,53/278,13 mph.
Back in pits we have some oil at the front of the motor, but we made the car ready for the final.
The final is to Spuffard and we have to borrow rear wheel from them because my tires start to separate and I don't have complete wheel in spare.
Them tires I borrow was better than my so I get tire shake and the car move to the right and I have to lift and it was clost to the wall but I don't see John so I hit the throttle again and the car went sideway so I have to lift again and I still don't see him so I hit again and than I past the finnish line.
I don't no if I hit the wall or not, but unlucky I did that so I get disqualify also runner up.

Traxxas Funny Car!

I'm buy a Taxxas Cortney Force Edition Funny Car, but. I made the car like that!


I get a question if it is any Fuel Funny Car driver from Europe who is interested to come down and run Bailey Brother Racing's spare Funny Car at Adelaide Int Raceway Nitro Funny Car Race Dec 8.
I'm send a mail to Rodney Bailey and told him that I was interested.
Monday 3 Dec 2012 09:00 I'm start my trip to Australia from Midlanda Aerport Sundsvall to Arlanda Stockholm then London Heatrow then Singapore and the end Adelaide Australia.
The whole trip from my home to Adelaide take 41 hour.
Wednesday 5 Dec 2012 I'm arrive to Adelaide 09:20 and pas the Imigration and Custom and Rodney have told me that it is a racer who going to meet me at the airport.
But I have not met any of them I going to spend the time here down under with so I'm looking around and immediatley I see a guy with NHRA T-shirt and that was Ricky Monserrat and he take care of me and I sleep over in his and Michelle's house to I get home.
Thursday 6 Dec 2012 Today we going to display Christine Steffen's Funny Car at the Mal in town centre and advertise the race.
Friday 7 Dec 2012 Today we spend the day at the track and my crew try to make the car ready for tomorrow.
It is normaly Steve Reed's crew who work on my car.
The team have made the car ready the Australian way to drive.
Saturday 8 Dec 2012 The crew have get the car ready an we made some worm up's.
I have to make a check out pass with the car at afternoon, the race run at 19:00 21:00 23:00.
Time for the check out pass, the car hook on and a way but the clutch dust make like a black curtain so I don't see anything and besides that the car get loose, not so fun.
Time for the race but it going to be a chow race everybody going to make 3 run.
The first run its a little better not so mutch dust from the clutch but everone get loose at the same spot.
Thesecond run I going against Anthony Begley my team mate, and at least a nice shot at the flames.
The last run is against Christine but after the burn out my crew chef find a fuel leak so they cut me of.
At least the car seem having HP the good thing was I have 0,93 60 feet and I don't reck the car.
I have a great time and meet a lot of nice people and everybody was so friendly.
Sunday 9 Dec 2012 We was and looking around with some of the guy and have some lunch.
Monday 10 Dec 2012 We have lunch with Anthony and his family and than we drive to apark were I could feed the Kangaroo and met a Koala.
Thanks to al the nice people down under I hope we meet again.

Operation Saab 900 Pro Comp!

After we bring the oldest Saab body I use in the beginning in to the garage and clean it after 23 year in the forest.
Marcus Wålm came and pic it up for to use the body on his Pro Comp Funny Car in 2013

Classic Car Festival Sundsvall

Season 2011!

First display of the car
and a worm up.

Norrlands Hall & Kapell Festival 2011.

Friday 19 Aug
We arrive to the N H K Festival to make the car ready, Anders coming with the Phu tank and hi have to weld the Titanium tunnel over the canon. We is finished before mid night and ready for tomorrow.
Saturday 20 Aug
We worming up and make the car redy for the first run at 14:00
but its going to bee klost to 15:00 and we have one pair in front of us when the regn start so that was al for today.
We have to wait to tomorrow.
Sunday 21 Aug
We try to make 2 run today because the first going to be a long 60 foot and the second little more than 1/8 mile.
We make the first try at 15:00 and everythin work good and 1,0 sec 60 foot.
The second run they want us to do after the final of Top dorslammer and that happen 17:30, and I go for a 1/8 the 60 foot 1,0 and 1/8 mile 3,91/200 mph and the run is clean and easy.
Photo: Ibafoto/Gunnar Almberg
Monday 22 Aug
We take the car apart Monday night and everything is okay I'm only have to raise the Bytterfly who was a little to low with the helmet, device and belt on

Season 2010!

New Year and still await on the new chassis.
First look at the new chassis at MR Racing.
Finally I have the chassis in my shop.
The rear end and spindles on place but missing parts for the rest.

Main Event!

We are going to help Gullan at some race this year when we don't have our
own car ready. Anders use to help Gullan when we don't race are self.
And it was full house when Melanie Troxel and hers team have Rodger Burgess Camaro in our pit space.
Sunday 30 May 2010 We having problem with the qualifications the whether take away one run and a bad switch take one.
We get the 6 spot on the ladder and Melanie get 7 place. We have Marco and Melanie have Adam tomorrow.
Monday 31 May 2010. We going true with a 6,12 and Marco have problem, Melanie losing against Adam.
Next run we have Andy and losing to him with 6,12 against 6,12 but Andy's rt is 0,0020.
Johan Lindberg win the race in a final against Mats.
And Melanie make a test pass and run 5,96/269 and show the power of the Camaro.

Hall & Kapell Nationals. Sundsvall Raceway.

Saturday 19 Jun 2010. I going to run Tree Crown Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car best of tree against Erik with Rimfrost Corvette Nostalgia FC.
We make everything ready and worm up but the whether is not with us
Its cold and reign so we have to wait to 10 at night to run and when I'm strap in and only 3 or 4 pair
in front of us the track went wet from the dew so we have to try tomorrow.
Sunday 20 Jun 2010. First run of 3 I losing traction but I go the whole way and back in pits we find that the camshaft is
hurt and johnny don't have any spear so Erik have to run 2 solo and win the race 2 against 1.
I hope I can beat him at Veidec Festival on Mantorp because I going to run the Tree Crown and we going to run best of 3 against Erik and Rimfrost with one run a day Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

FHRA Nitro Nationals Alastaro.

Friday 2 July 2010 We going to use the Camaro in Finland and get help from the Rodger Burgess team with 3 crew.
First qualify pass 6,12/386 and first place.
Second pass 6,04/388 and still first.
Saturday 3 July 2010 Third qua pass only 12,31/130 and bad shake but still no 1
Forth pass 6,02/393 and finally qualifications at number ONE.
And tomorrow we have Fast Fredde in the first run and hi try to psych us down the whole night.
Sunday 4 July 2010. Gullan going true with a 5,91/395 against Fredde's 6,37/357 it looks like my car stand still told Fredde.

Second run is against the Twins Camaro.  And Gullan win with a 6,06/390 against 9,51/165.

Semi final is against Adam's Camaro and no problem win with a 6,04/389 to 8,38/182 its seems to important to have lane choice.

The final is against Johan Lindberg's Firebird who was no 2 qualify. Gullan took the final with a 6,03/390 to Johans 6,11/374.
Next race is Veidec Festival at Mantorp and we might use the 57 there but you newer no.
See you at Mantorp both at a crew in Gullan's pit and as a driver in Johnny's Tree Crown.

Veidec Festival Mantorp!

Friday 30 July 2010. Lots of reign today and they don't let us out with Tre Crown Nostalgia Funny Car.

Mikael is out one run but have problem with the clutch so hi shut the car of. And we are not qualify yet, have to try tomorrow.
And we need that because we have a complete new combinations in the -57.
Saturday 31 July 2010. Gullan make one more try today and this time hi going down the track on 6,24/346 and nr 4.
Now they have some to working on.

I'm out with the Tre Crown after Top Fuel, I having a little problem with the clutch and reverse
Photo Ivan Sansom so I not only made dry hop forward I made one on reverse to. But I run 6,87/287 with a lot of clutch dust so I nearly don't see anything.
Photo Ivan Sansom Gullan is out the last pas up in smoke and only 10,6/182 but we still nr 4.

I made one more pas with Tre Crown and up in smoke immediate but I try to catch Erik anyway and when I shift to second gear
I have no air to the shifter and have to give up. The time was only 8,36/210 against Erik's 7,07/319.
Photo Ivan Sansom Sunday 1 August 2010. Today its reign of and on and we made the first eliminations run after 1600 and we defend Tomi Pöntinen with a 6,30/370 against 6,61/295.
You have to have lane choise today and we have that the next run to. But the reign came back and the Race cancel the race.

We go home and make ready for Hockenheim about 2 week.

SEASON 2009!

Season 2008!

Sunday 18 May 2008 The Countdown has stopped over the winter but seems to start again soon.
We have working with the chassis and make it legal for this year.
But I have ordering a new chassis for next year from Mats Eriksson Racing in Borlange Sweden.
The plan for this year is to run at Sundsvall Raceway in June 14-15 and Aug 16-17, and the European Final at Santa Pod Sept 4-7.
We also going to made 2 start up at Street Rulers "Street Meet" at Selanger IP Sundsvall June 7.
Anders welding on the chassis

Street Rulers Street Meet!

Saturday June 7 2008 Lots of people and beautiful cars and we making 2 upstart of the car.
Making a little noise and for us a wonderful smell who tel us the summertime is here.

Deep Forest Nats!

Saturday June 14 2008. We are ready for the first go for this season and the first meeting in the World Funny Car Series.
And we have taking Patrik Peers place because hi was not ready in time.
The 3 other cars was Hakan Fallstrom, Gordon Smith and Gary Page and we going to run like a Cannonball Race, everybody making 2 run and put the time together and the 2 fastest cars running a Final Run.
We are ready and have worming up the car and its time to run at 4 a clock.
I'm sitting in the car and waiting and the starter give a sign that we make a solo run.
This is my first run in the car this year ,but the burnout is okay so I'm feeling quite comfortably in the car. The 60-foot is only 1,0 and I get tire shake in the middle and the car drifting to the centerline and I have to pedal to come from the line, and I think I nearly hit the line.
The time was only 6,13 and 347 km/h (215,6 mph) and I'm second after Gary who run 5,75.
It's going to be exciting race tomorrow, and we are ready.
Sunday June 15 2008 We waking up with reign and it don't stop so the race director cancel the race at afternoon.
Lucky the reign hold up when we loading the trailer.
After that we were going to eat at Smedjan the Pub In the Forest. See you nrxt time.
Monday June 16 2008 The Tv4 Mitt shows our run on the news.
TV4/ Anytime/ Gratis/ Nyheterna Mitt 08:30 Sundsvall.

Veidec Festival Mantorp Park!

24-27 July 2008 Because we have a to dangerous car for Mantorp we could not compete in that race this year either maby next year?
But I was on place anyway, driving Mikael Kagered's 2 seat's Dragster. Sorry folk's I forgot to bring my bra.
Passenger Carina Hogberg

TSDS Finals 2008!

Saturday Aug 16 2008. Anders and Esbjorn arrive Friday night and we are in place and make the car ready for to race Pata at 16:00.
Besides me and Johnny is also Janne Myrgren and Hasse Wastman but we missing Mikael the clutch guy who is at Perstorp on work.
I'm on place in the cockpit and the guy starting the engine and I moving forward for the burnout, I made a little longer burnout because the tires feel a little hars.
I reverse and start to stage and away only 1,22 on the 60 foot and the car feel week but Pata having trouble with tire shake and have to lift and I pas the finnish line first but only on 6,99/346 and I have to looking at the computer after what was wrong.
The computer tell me that it was to little fuel only 22 gal not 60 gal that it shall bee, I have missing to open full system before stage and I was lucky because that normally burn dawn the engine, and everything seem okay and we make the car ready for tomorrow.
Sunday Aug 17 2008. Today we are going to run before the final in Top Doorslammer and we are ready and this time I hope I don't made any mistake.
I made the burnout and stage and away but a little to soon I made a ,192 reed light and 1,0 60 foot and 5,68/433 on the 1/4 mile.
This time at least the car run good. and the best of al it is in one piece.
But something was wrong with Pata's car and the car don't run good today only 12,672.
But with my reed light is that 1-1 and we have to make the third run at the qualifications at Santa Pod on the European Final see you there.

European Final Santa Pod!

Friday 5 Sep 2008. Reign most of the day no race today.
Saturday 6 Sep 2008. Any more reign today and no race today rither.
Sunday 7 Sep 2008. It take to middle of the day for the track crew to make the track ready.
We have to make a one shot qualification's run at 15:51 and it going to be a 4 car ladder.
So one car don't made it to the show and it is Spuffard who not made it.
We are number 2 after Gary Page and we made 5,49/281,38 and we have Gordon in the first run.
Now it is in a hurry we have short time to next run but the car was okay so we made that in time.
For the run we made some small changes in the fuel system to try to backing up the speed from the first run and maybe even go a little faster.
We win against Gordon but hi nearly hit me when hi come over to my side and then hi hit the guardrail on his side, but We is in the final against Thomas.
We only made 5,56/269,69 because the clutch was to soft for the horsepower so it nearly burn down.
When we working hard to made the car ready for the final it come more reign and they cancel the race ittake to long time to clean the track.
For us its only to loading up and drive home Janne and me have only 2225 Km to home.
Photo Ivan Samson Monday 23 Mars 2009 This season start with a long time of waiting on the new chassis from M E Racing Service Mats and L G.
And when I have sold the old chassis it is a long waiting.
The plan has been that before the new chassis come I need to spend some time on a race in U.S.A. and locking at the new cars.
Lucky that I can take some time of when the NHRA Full Throttle Series had to Houston and my buddy's Dick, Todd, Byron in Simpson Racing are going to compete in that race.
So I decide to spend some time with them and my fuel guy Hasse coming along to.
But the week before we fly I recognize that they going to use the Top Fuel Car they have to buy because IHRA only racing Top Fuel not Funny Car this year.
And they also waiting on a new chassis for the Funny Car.
We fly in Monday 23 of Mars and Dick and his wife met us up at Dallas airport.
We have Tuesday to meet everybody and its have been a long time since I visit them and we have to see what's in the shop this time
On Wednesday morning we drive down to Houston and the pit space and start to make everything ready for the qualifications on Friday
Hasse and me have a lots of time to talking to old friends
and find some nice new one.
I'm also met my Crew chief from my U.S.A. tour 2002-2003 Dal Denton who build my last Top Alcohol Funny Car.
We was most interested of the new 3 bar McKinney chassis that we going to have on our car.
But them chassis was cowered from both inside and outside, but we find some pictures on them and I was also interested of a lots of small detail like the new burst panel shut of
The race was not so good for our friends they qualify at 16 spot and have to meet Antron Brown in the first run but after the burn out they have to shut of because they cant get in to reverse.
We were sitting on the stands when Urs have his Big Bang, believe me that bang feel in your chest.
Back at the Simpson shop in Ponder TX we spend the rest of the week with good food and playing around and we made a visit at Meyer Enterprises and meet Allen Meyer who flow our Waterman Fuel Pump.
Emergency hi find the reason that the new pump doesn't give more than the old pump at the final on Santa Pod last year.
That was a big leak in the seal at the pump so after we change that it's flow o key.
We have a good conversation with Allen about lots of thing on our car and hi give us some useful advice.
We also visit the house Todd and Byron was putting down tile Pl in.
It was an amazing house with cinema, 8 bathroom, elevators and much more.
As soon as you no it's Friday and we have to fly home to the winter and cold and waiting on the new chassis whenever it's coming.

Starkotter Racing on a USA Tour!!

Thursday 30 July 2009 We going to run Simpson Racings Fuel Funny Car for 2 races, Dallas Sept 24-27 and Memphis Oct 2-4.
More information later.
Tuesday 11 Aug 2009 Today I get o key with my paperwork for the license from NHRA.
Tuesday 15 Sept 2009 Today its all clear that we going to be the whole Starkotter Team who made the USA Tour. Me Johnny, Micke and Anders fly on Sunday Sept 20 and Esbjorn arrive Tuesday 22. And it is almost clear that we going to have John Smith as Crew Chief at least in Dallas. And hi have made a good work on Stig Neergaard's Top Fuel here in Europe. Sunday Sept 20 2009 On the way to Texas sitting at airport in New York and eating Faitas with Johnny Micke and Anders. Waiting on the plane to Dallas.
Tuesday Sept 22 2009 Lots of work left with the Race Car, the boys working hard with welding and mount on the chassis and body.
Tomorrow we leave for to go to the track and make the last work there.
And I wonder what have happen if my crew not follow me on the tour?
I don't think the car have been ready in time, a big "Thanks" to my crew.
Wednesday Sept 23 2009 We have arrive to the track in our own trailer and park on our spot in the pit, tomorrow we make the last on the car and tech the car and John Smith arrive. It have been reign today and might come a little tomorrow but the rest of the weekend going to bee hot. We have the first qualifications run on Friday. Thursday Sept 24 2009 Still a lots of work going on but the car have past the tech, I only need to buy new glows and boots need to be /20 instead of /15.
Friday Sept 25 2009 Ready for the first qualifications run
and that was not so good I doing some wrong in the car and the throttle stop was not right to high rpm in the burn out.
But the car leave straight and handle good but I brake the blower belt at the 1/8 mile.
Back in pits we find that we have burn a piston a little so we have to change a piston and sleeve.
We work on that and don't go out next the next run ,we wait to tomorrow
Saturday Sept 26 2009 Next time to qualification and today we only need to past the finish line to be in the show.
But what happen the blower belt brake when I hit the throttle so we only have a last chance.
No we going out for the last qualify and they John Smith have find some wrong in the fuel system.
The burn out feel fine but the car smoke the tires when I hit the throttle. But I at least past the finish line so we are qualify, and we have Robert Hight the first run tomorrow. Sunday Sept 27 2009 We wake up and get a good breakfast and making the car ready for the race against Robert Hight I going to the drivers presentations and I walking out with Robert and meet the people.
On the staging lane John Forse come by and say hallo to us and like that they have coming a guy in hi age but I told him that I'm older than him 65 to 60.
I make the burn out and stage.
I was a little late on the light and smoke the tires a little in the middle and the blower belt broke again.
Back in pit John see at the computer that I don't have full throttle all the way, I don't no if that was the new tunnel make the throttle pedal to narrow.
We going to change the pedal in the shop for Memphis so I don't can blame on that any more.(I have to find some thing else to blame on if it don't work)
I hope that I need to put out the chute next time because that have not happen yet.
Thursday Sept 1 2009 Now we is in the pit at Memphis and have put everything up, some checking at the car end we most fix the leaking headers they show at ESPN or else the tech guy not bee happy.
We have the first run tomorrow and I hope both the car and me doing o key this time.
Friday Sept 2 2009 Time for the first qualifications run against Dan Wilkerson I jump in the car for worm up and have no oil pressure. After many try of different things they find the problem, the shaft for the oil pump was cut of after the trust bearing at the cam gear went away at Dallas.
So now they try to make the car ready for next run against Jim Head.
But the clean up and repair take to long time so I miss the next run also.
I'm ember est but we try again tomorrow. And we going to start up the car tonight.
Its little painful because I get covered at the race of commercialappeal.com both with photo film and interview. Thanks to Robert Hight who talking with them on my.
Saturday Sept 3 2009 We started up the car last night and everything o key so now the first run today is at noon and we are the first pair against Tolliver in Mike Dun's car.
The car leave good but drifted a little to the left out of the grove and close to the wall and I'm sorry I don't lifted the foot so that ended in a ball of fire when I blow the head gasket and get oil everywhere and only run 4,81 but we are number 14.
Back in pit they told us that nr 5 cylinder was dead when I leave that fore the car moving hard to the left and when we open the valve cover the lifter on nr 5 was damage so the valve don't open.
But I'm sorry the damage was to much to get ready to the next run, and at the last pass we was bumped out to 17 spot.
Only pack up and go to see Elvis on Monday.
Sunday Sept 4 2009 We waking up in the pit and that is heavy reign today no race I was and talking to Robert Hight and hi think that the race going to bee tomorrow. So we going in to Down Town Memphis and find a hotel and have some ribs at BB King's Blues Club.
Monday Sept 5 2009 We spend most of the day at Graceland and then we start to drive to Dallas.
We stop and sleep on a motel at the road with high speed Internet for update the website and writing on Face book, but what happen the Internet don't work and the guy cant find any beer that was a lot of miles to the closest beer can. So we go to sleep and moving to Dallas tomorrow and looking after the place when Kenedy was killed and have some big T-bone steak.
Wednesday Sept 7 2009 When I writing the last update from the tour I sitting on a jumping up and down airplane on the way to Stockholm and can say that I'm disappoint of the tour.
I would doing better but the car was not reedy either.
So possibly have I learn some, like who you say "We live and learn".
But we get a lot of TV time.
And thanks to Javier, Rick and also John Bodie Smith who really try to make the car running.
The company who help me to do this tour is: ISS Industriservice, OnTour Frakt, Midvac Entreprenad, and Matfors Industriservice.
But a specially thanks to Simpson Family to let me use theirs Funny Car!

Pro Fuel Shootout-Easter Thunderball 2007!

Saturday 7 Apr 07 Photo Ivan Sansom. First run out for this year and we have a computer on the car this year (Thanks to Micke Kagered). Everybody is here except Mikael who is home and waiting one more baby. Jolle have taking his place in the team and going to help Esbjorn doing Mikael's work with the clutch with some help from Johnny who have instructions from Mikael.
And also Mark from Lorentzon's team have some supervise on the clutch work
The car sound right at the worm up and we are ready for the Shootouth.
The car leave nice maybe to nice the 60 feet was only .99 and after 2 sec the blower belt went a way and that give me only 10,12 sec and 75,15 MPH. But back at the pits we don't find any wrong with the car so we made everything ready for tomorrow.
Sunday 8 Apr 07 We leave everything at it was yesterday and warm up and sound ok we are ready.
The 60 feet today is only 1,01 sec but this time the car move al the way buy oops I hit the wall at about 1000 feet. After that I get of the throttle and that give me 5,85/202,84.
Back in pits the headers is flat and I have scrape the body a little, I think I have some luck there. The motor is ok and we make it ready for tomorrow and Anders have to repairing the headers.
Monday 9 Apr 07 We are ready for today and we don't have make any big changes on the car, we try to run a little safe and hopeful more strait than yesterday. But only 1,00 sec 60 feet and 5,62/259,84 elapse time, at least the fastest speed I have run. The motor is ok and they want us out against Spuff and run for third/fourth place, Lex and Urs in the big final. This was a test for Esbjorn and Jolle and they made it in time and we are ready. We run the car the same at the last run and hope that be enough.
And guess what hi bet me with a 5,11/305,98 to a 5,64/266,31 surprise hi run the quickest and fastest run in Europe and I just sitting there and watch him blast away like I was in my diesel pic up at home.
Congratulation to Spuff and the team.
At least this time we can leave the car here for th Main Event in May not like last year when the car was in fire the last run.
See you at the Main Event.
Photo Ivan Sansom.

Apr 14 Oliver get a brother Leo!! Son of Mikael and Camilla and my second grandson.

Main Event Santa Pod!

Saturday 26 May 07 Back again after Eastern the truck and trailer have Kjell already parked in our pit space.
We have 2 chances to qualify today and we try to make both today because it seems to be rain tomorrow and we have to make 2 qualify run's of 4 to get paid in the eliminations.
The bad 60 feet from Eastern is still there only 1,04 Et 5,73/210 mph (336 kmt) after I have get of the throttle early when the clutch give up and I get stuck at the top end and we have to remove the drive shaft.
When we taking everything in perts we find that the fingers on the clutch have move over the release bearing and that was nothing left of the clutch disks, everything else was okay.
Next run and the same thing happen with the clutch and still bad 60 feet 1,05 and the blower belt brake after 4,33 sec so I only get 6,13/175,74 mph /281 kmt but I'm number 1 qualify and the day is ended.
Sunday 27 May 07 Rain the whole day.
Monday 28 May 07 Still raining and the race cancel, and we have to load everything in the rain and drive home.

Deep Forest Nat's Sundsvall Raceway!

Saturday 16 June 07 We try to make some small changes on the clutch after the problem at Main Event, we going to try one time today.
The same bad 60 feet is there 1,06 and I have bad tire shake so I get of and on the throttle one's and I lift early because the clutch was gone again.
And when I try to get of the track because I no that I'm going to be stuck at the top end the motor starting and I drive true the barrier before I can kill the motor with the kill-switch. The body was little hurt from that.
Back in pits we have to do something to the clutch after the clutch have gone the last 3 races.
We made some changes in the timer box and we change the weight and re-stripping the blower but we can only make the white so we see what the result be tomorrow.
Photo IBA Photo. Sunday 17 June 07 This time the 60 feet time is more bad than ever 1,13 but the car run the whole way and the clutch is okay and I get a completely run in the computer for the first time. But the time is good for Pro Mod 6,18/393 kmt (245,6 mph).
We need to make more horsepower next time. The wether have at least been nice and we had record on spectators 10,000. And I have get a lots of new sponsors.

See you at the Power Meet in Vasteras July 6-7 at Mc Donald's.

Power Big Meet Vasteras!

Friday 6 July 07 We was in Vasteras on the Power Big Meet the biggest American Car Show in Sweden. We display the car outside McDonald's. We made 3 start up on Friday and Saturday night, the first at 1800 and then 2100 and 2300 and every time it was a big crowd who listen to the sound and feel the fume of a Nitro Burning Car.
And the best of al we have free food, and that mean a lot of Big Mac.

Drag Challenge Norway 2007!

Saturday 4 Aug 07 We are on place on Amcar International Raceway in Norway to race Hakan and Patrik.
We went out for the first run and everything seems okay in the warm up.
The car leave decent but after 660 ft I here like a gunshot and the motor die and I think there go the burst panel so I get at side and stop the car.
Back in pits we find that was not the burst panel the was the idler gear in the cam drive who have braking. The damage we find when we take everything in part's was window in the block and pan,crank,4 connecting rod and piston, cam, al 16 valve, head studs and push one head.
As we don't have parts enough to put everything together we have to give up this time and go home and try to come back at the next race in Sundsvall.
Photo Ivan Sansom

Sundsvall Raceway Nat's 2007!

Saturday 18 Aug 07 We have everything together from the big disaster in Norway.
The first run we plan to go half track so we see if the motor is ok.
We starting up and go for the burnout but when I hit the throttle the throttle-wire breake so we have to go back and fix that. I feel sorry for al the people who have to go home after that, lots of them was there for to see our run and we have to wait to 1900 for the next try.
Now its time for the next try the car feel strong in the burnout and I click of at half track.
The 60 ft was .997 and Et 8,6/159. When we take the motor in part we find 2 black pistons and sleeve, so we have to take avay compression on them 2 for tomorrow.
Photo IBA Photo. Sunday 19 Aug 07 Today I hope we can run when al the people is still here.
I think it is 20 year since that happen that you going to wittness now, 2 Fuel Funny Car side by side in Sweden.
The car not feel that strong that hi made yesterday but the inportant thing is that I win and we run 5,59/438 (Speed record at the track) the 60 ft was not so good 1,02.
And this time the motor is okay and we looking forward to the European Final at Santa Pod in Sep.
Photo IBA Photo

F.I.A. Final Santa Pod 2007!

Friday 7 Sep 07 We went out the first pas today and everything seems okay so we go for it, the car run straight and no problem. We run a .994 at 60 ft and 5,50/239 elaps time and when we take the motor a part we find one more black piston so we have to take care of that, or else nothing more hurt and we put the motor together for tomorrow.
Saturday 8 Sep 07 We have made some small adjust on the car and it going to be interest if it work.
I can feel at the run that it work, in the middle of the track the car start to lifting the front and it was up and down to the finish line. We run .982 at 60 ft and 5,36/284,98 mph and we are nr 2 qualify and have to race Gary tomorrow and we looking forward to that.
Photo Ivan Sansom. Sunday 9 Sep 07 We have made some adjust on the clutch and see if we can get a better 60 ft time.
The 60 ft get worse 1,01 but I win with a 5,49/278 against Garys 5,87/191 .353 at the finish line and I have to meet John in the final. Everything seems okay in the motor so we looking forward to that.
Now it's time for the final and we have adjust the clutch back were it was and have blocking the return from the fuelpump and try to get al the horse-power we can get.
Photo Ivan Sansom. I losing a 0,19 at the reaction and have a .980 at 60 ft against John's .947 and after 1/8 mile I'm 0,30 after but then something happen for John (I think hi crossing the line) and I win with 0,2939 at the finish line. I run 5,46/256,87 against John's 5,95/173,85 and the tyres was a little lose al the way and I was close to the guard rail in the middle. Yes we find the horse power but don't get the cat to hock up.
The Run Photo Ivan Sansom. In the background of the picture you can see 2 European Champions!
Photo Ivan Sansom. Tuesday 11 Sep 07 The check in at DFDS in Tilbury.
Friday 8 Sep 2006 First try today and the clutch canon was like it was in Germany so I get up in smoke immediately.
After that we change from water to oil in the canon and hope the car run good tomorrow
Saturday 9 Sep 2006 Now the car has to run good if we want any money. At least the clutch canon work properly but I hit tireshake at 300 ft and lifted and hit again but get sideway down the track.
When we take the engine a part I have black the crank when I lifted and hit again and we have to change the crank tonight.
Sunday 10 Sep 2006 We have wonder why we can not run on a good track and find out after talking to Alan Jackson that we have to short time on the timers for the canon, so I made a adjustment for today. We also add little more timing and Nitro and then it was time to see if it works.
And believe me it works the car run like hell .965 at 60 ft 2,46 at 330 ft 3,37 at 594 ft 3,57/229,5 mph at 1/8 th 4,47 at 990 ft Et= 5,35/243,2 mph and I Click of at 1200 ft.
I am sorry and regret that I don't went the whole way when I have the change to make a really good number both for my team and the crowd. But I'm at least get paid for one run. See you at the track next year.
Photo Ivan Sansom

Nitro Olym'X Hockenheim!

Saturday 26 Aug 2006 Rain most of the day but Rico want us out and make a burn out last of the night show, after the Methanol and Top Fuel Cars.Make as löng burn out that you can was Rico's word. So I made 1/8 th mile burn out in the dark.
And we have to make the car ready for tomorrow.
Sunday 27 Aug 2006 First try today was a disaster the clutch canon don't work right and the starter(or the computer)hold Spuf and me 15 sec in stage and the clutch burn so when I hit the throttle the tires went up in smoke immediately,
Back to pits and make ready for one more run.
Second run the clutch and the Christmas tree work ok. I leave with .991 at 60 ft but shake the tires at 300 ft and then up in smoke and break the blower belt. Back in pits we make the car ready for the FIA Final at Santa Pod.

SDC Finals 2006 Sundsvall Raceway.

Saturday 19 Aug 2006 First test run click of after 1000 ft, 1,08 at 60 ft 6,38/151 mph and everything looking grea.
Sunday 20 Aug 2006 We speed up the blower a little and try again .989 at 60 ft 3,66/224 mph 1/8th mile 5,49 235 mph Et.
Now the car start to move. And the best of al the engine looking like new.

Deep Forest Nat's!

Saturday 17 Jun 2006 We make the last work on the car in the pits and Kenneth Lorentzon helping to adjust the new timers we mounted in the clutch control system. Now we are ready to try the car after that fire in Easter.Clutch and everything seem to work ok, 1,032 at 60 ft Et 6,21/172,5 mph after an early click of
Back in pits we take everything in part's and its ok so we try a little harder tomorrow.
Sunday 18 Jun 2006 This time I run to the finish line and the tires make black marks the whole way 1,06 at 60 ft ET 5,86/242 mph and everything ok after the run.

Main Event Santa Pod!

Tuesday 23 May 2006 Too much work on the car after the fire so we cannot make the Main Event at Santa Pod. So we try to be ready for Sundsvall Raceway 17-18 Jun

Pro-Fuel Shootout Santa Pod!

Photo Ivan Sansom Saturday 15 Apr 2006 First run out the car sound right at the worm up. The car leave nice and straight .991 at 60 ft but shake the tires after 330 ft so I click of and get 8,4/99,5 mph. Back in pits no damage so we do the car ready for tomorrow. Sunday 16 Apr 2006 We try with little more Nitro and more timing today. The car leave with same 60 ft .991 and shake the tires little longer out 7,98/105,8 mph. Back in pits we make the car ready for tomorrow.
Monday 17 Apr 2006 We speed up the blower a little and leave the rest at the same.
Leave better .941 at 60 ft but shake again and this time I'm alsö smoke the tires 9.9/85,9 mph.
Back in pits I'm nr three, not for I doing good the other have doing worse and they want me to run about 3-4 place against Lex Joon.
We find the problem in the clutch it is the timers who don't work properly so Kenneth Lorentzon try to help but they don't respond so we try to bring them back to was they where.
And if you looking in the mirror I should not run because what happen was that the car get in fire after 1000 ft and I hit the wall twice before it stop. I have to see the doctor and the guy take the car back to pits.
When I going back from the doctor I can see for my self the car totally damaged, and it was a mess and look bad but when we have cleaned up a little we find the chassis and headers and wheel was ok but everything who burn on the car was destroyed.
I'm at least win the race on 3-4 place and was nr 3 with a .946 at 60 ft and 6,06/174,3 mph and I win al my race against Carter, Kagered, And Joon twice.
After we take everything in parts we find what cause the fire.
The clutch timers have stop and the canon was half way out and I burn the clutch then I get to little fuel when the motor rev up and I burn a piston and the fuel come down to the pan and fire and the pan blow up and the oil get in fire when it blow out.
Now we have to take the car home for repair instead of leave it to The Main Event.