Here is a short presentation of the Top Methanol Class (TM)

The competition class started in 1978 and has since then developed the most of the fuel classes. The name Top Methanol aim at the fuel which is methanol. Thats is an environment friendly fuel without sulphur and is made of wood in Sweden.

In to -97 TA/D and TA/FC raced side by side with different weight break, but from -98 the classes have separated.

From 1996 there is a European championship tour with races in Sweden, England, Finland, Norway and Germany. The teams come from many European countries such as Sweden, England, Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark and also from the USA. Welcome to the depot and ask the boys and girls in the teams how engines and cars work.

Yes, that was right. In drag racing we have had equality between the sexes for long. Men and women compete on equal conditions in all classes of drag racing without handicaps and the women are quite as good as the men when it comes to "floor it". If you gave it a thought there are not many sports like that.

Drag racing is not only a question of "flooring". You must also have very good nerves and reflexses when the light goes green. The cars are accelerating from standing still to 100 kph in less than 1 second. A good journey might at best last for a bit more than 6 seconds and the top speed can be 380-400 kph.